Thursday, March 1, 2007

October of 2005 sighting

It was a wonderful crisp fall day as a friend and I decided to go up in the Sangre De Cristo mountain range to talk some pictures of the changing aspens. We drove up Cordova Pass and were in awe of the beauty we were taking in. That's about when we both saw something on the side of the on the right and one on the left of the road. We were unable to tell what it was we a second they were gone anyway. So, I decided to get out of the truck to take some pictures of the aspens in front of us. Not long after I got of the truck I sensed someone watching us followed by an intense oder. This smell was a combo of skunk,wet dog and rotten meat. Needless to say it was rank!

I decided to investigate the sides of the road where we saw....well, whatever it was. As I did the smell follwed me and was getting stronger. As did the feeling of being watched. I never saw any tracks of any kind. It was however very quit around us, no birds....or any wood noises at all. I then decided to walk back towards my truck my friend who was still in the truck, decided to join me as we walked up to the other side of the road. We had just gotten up there when we heard a very loud sound that sounded like rock hitting rock. Then a rock was thrown at us. We were all alone up there no one else was around! We hurried back down to my truck and took off. I haven't been back since. However, this spring and other seasons to follow, I do plan to go back to that same area. Maybe this time I can get something on film.

If any of you that should read this, have a story to tell I would love to hear about it! I do believe these creatures exist.

I will post any other sightings I experience if I am lucky enough to have anymore!